Tabletop RPGs

I have a passion for the breadth and beauty of stories a group of people with little to no experience with storycraft can produce with a handful of arbitrating mechanics and a push toward fun and imagination. Life’s given me a cumulative 13 years running tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) in a variety of systems (see below). I’ve also had the pleasure of playing in and perusing a broad range of TRPGs, RPG-like games, and editions of various systems.

Currently available online (out of Bloomington, IN, USA) to run games (I accept donations for the labor) for groups of kind and cooperative individuals, whether you’re just interested in whether tabletop RPGs might be fun, or have been itching to game more. Games I run tend to lean dark and without the use of a tactical grid. I’m always open to frank discussions on content and seeking consent for certain kinds of subject-matter.

See below for my primary experiences as a gamemaster.

  • Cypher System & Numenera (highly stripped down and modified for the Inner Fire and Mandragora homebrew settings)
  • Forbidden Lands (specifically Raven’s Purge; players… don’t look at this)
  • Dungeons & Dragon 5E (largely in the homebrewed setting The Reachlands, including converted content from earlier editions such as elements of the Age of Worms)
  • Pathfinder 1E (specifically, but not limited to the adventure paths (Kingmaker and Shattered Star)
  • GURPS 4E
  • Classic World of Darkness (primarily Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse)

Publishing / Typesetting

I’m experienced with Adobe InDesign, which I learned in order to typeset the 2nd Edition of How An Average Man Lived An Adventurous Life by John Linnemeier. It was a strange and sort of wonderful experience discovering I had some small semblance of design skill hidden in my gourd. (Note that the current printing, while labeled as the 2nd Edition, is one I’m unfamiliar with and was not involved in the production of. Samples of my work are available upon request.)